The Research Process

I am a procrastinator. No, correct that, I am the QUEEN of procrastination. I’ve known this research paper was due since January. It is March, a week until the due date, and I am finally getting started on it. Another correction – I’ve had most of my sources since week 4 of class when we began accessing the university library’s databases. It just took me another month to sit down and collaborate all of my information into a workable form.

I had no issues at all with finding data. Apparently Agent Orange and its impact has been a source of scholarly interest and debate for many people. Learning how to use and employing USM’s library online greatly assisted me in finding the sources and information I needed.

My father-in-law served multiple tours of duty in Vietnam. By the time I met him, he had already survived prostate cancer and was in the process of battling lung cancer. Within a few years of our meeting, Master Sergeant George “Jack” Doherty, passed away due to complications of cancer.

His death instigated my interest in Agent Orange, and, being a curious soul, I did extensive research on it. Though I knew much on the subject, I still learned a lot during this research process. I was unaware that three generations onward, babies were still being miscarried and/or born with birth defects. Needless to say, I cried often while writing this paper. I think I am going to stay away from this subject lest I give in to depression.


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