LIS 201 Research Paper

My research topic for my Intro into Literacy class is Agent Orange. Agent Orange is a herbicide, that while not dangerous by itself, turned deadly during the Vietnam War when conditions allowed it to be tainted by TCDD. TCDD is one of the most lethal toxins in the world.

Agent Orange received its name from the orange stripes on the barrels in which it was shipped. The US military sprayed the chemical in order to reduce foliage in Vietnam. The enemy was using the dense vegetation as cover during battles and to ambush US soldiers.

Agent Orange seeped into the soil of Vietnam, contaminating crops and animals. Rivers and waterways were also infected. Research shows that the ground where Agent Orange was directly sprayed could be malignant for the next 200 years.

Agent Orange also has a lasting effect on human anatomy. Several cancers and other health issues have been linked to Agent Orange exposure. Generations after initial exposure to Agent Orange, babies are being born with defects and abnormalities associated with TCDD.


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